Through their online TV ShowBusiness Today‘ (watched by over 12 million viewers each week) and their online radio station101 Business Radio‘, Worthington and Stoop provide training to millions of people world-wide.

Through the development of the 101 Media Group; a global media production and distribution company, Worthington and Stoop are able to share their knowledge in the area of business development in over 64 countries around the planet.

Michael Worthington and Gerhard Stoop have established themselves as two of the world’s leading business advisors. With over 20 – year experience each, conducting training, workshops, and thousands of interviews with leading business men and women from around the world, Worthington and Stoop know what works and know how to pass that knowledge onto others.

Delivering results that exceed expectations

Business Consultants You Can Rely On

Trust lies at the foundation of every good partnership. Over 20 years ago, when Worthington and Stoop began consulting, they said: “If contact between people is based on trust and absolute integrity, then it is of benefit for both sides.” Now, 20 years later, the name Worthington & Stoop remains synonymous with trust and absolute integrity. Today, Worthington & Stoop’s philosophy is continually reflected by serving clients with the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of private business consulting.

In choosing Worthington & Stoop as your business consultants, you can rely upon the same core principles from which Worthington & Stoop was founded. You will be at the centre of every business decision, and your business will receive the utmost dedication and expertise. This is what makes Worthington & Stoop one of the leading private business consulting firms in the world today. 

“Everything changes when you ask and answer, where you would be without limits.”

A Worthington & Stoop philosophy.


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